Wholesale STRATEGY


Wholesale real estate is a property buying strategy where you try to buy a house directly from a homeowner at a “wholesale” price. You then sell this property off to another interested party —an investor — at a higher selling price. The difference in the selling price and wholesale price is your net profit. 


Wholesale homes are typically distressed houses that are almost always not listed publicly for sale. The homeowner is willing to sell, but might not be willing or doesn’t have the funds to renovate the house to raise its value. 

In this scenario, selling that house is a win for both the seller and the buyer. The homeowner gets to sell at a fair price, while the buyer gets a property for a bargain, which they may renovate and sell for a more significant profit later on. 

Johnny wholesale’s your property at a reduced price. You do not have to complete repairs to your home. We agree on a discounted price and
Johnny will find an investor or buyer to purchase your property.
Advantage no repairs required, you get the most equity out of your property, loan
is paid in full, the Buyer pays normal closing cost and you do not have to pay a
commission fee.